Increase your conversion

By improving the different elements that affect your purchase funnel, you will be able to increase the conversion between the funnel steps and so the global conversion.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment


On average, more than 75% of users abandon their carts in online stores. Discover how to convince your users to finish their purchases or how to recover abandoned carts.

Maximize your online sales


At the end of the day, you are measured by your sales. Increasing conversion, reducing shopping cart abandonment, increasing AOV, etc. are little steps that combined would help you to maximize your sales.

What is in the eBook

The eCommerce purchase funnel shows the process that most of your customers go through your online store when they are trying to buy something. This process is divided in 3 main stages:

  • Browse
  • Shop
  • Buy

And as your customers advance in the purchase funnel, they are more likely to buy in your online store. As with any other funnel, not every user is able to advance from one stage to the next one. In fact, for each 100 users that begin their journey through this funnel, it is expected that only 5 users (at most) purchase something in your online store.

In this ebook we have collected a large series of tips that would help you to increase your conversion and sales by improving your customer's experience. This tips have been organized around 7 main improvement areas which are related to the funnel stages:

  • Promote your online presence
  • Create customer confidence
  • Improve product findability
  • Enable customer decision making
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Keep registration short (and optional)
  • Checkout optimization

We hope you enjoy reading this ebook and that it helps you to improve your online store's customer experience.

About the Author
Co-founder and CMO of BrainSINS, a 360º personalization solution for eCommerce. BrainSINS has helped hundreds of online retailers such as Toys'R Us or MotherCare to increase their conversions and sales.

Investor in several eCommerce and tech startups such as SinDelantal.com (bought by Just-Eat), SinDelantal.mx, Broker Fashion, Fotografía eCommerce, Gamisfaction...

José Carlos Cortizo

Creative Commons, BY-NC, 2014 BrainSINS

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About the Author
One of the most well-known Spanish Prestashop consultants. Has worked in the eCommerce sector for the last 5 years. Founder of TheProjects, where they help online retailers to develop their eCommerce strategy.

You can read some of his writings in  his personal blog or in the top eCommerce blogs, such as Prestashop, BrainSINS, eCommerce News...

Jordi Ordoñez
CEO, TheProjects

Mastering the Purchase Funnel


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